PPS is one of the highest rated dog training apps in the world. Loved for it's simple design, valuable information and of course, because it's free.

dog training app testimony

Sensible advice! I was skeptical of the forced slow pace.... Because I got this app at the same time as a new puppy. But it was good to slow down and master each thing. I also never knew about the name trick in all my years of dog ownership. My new pup loves this one. It's her personal challenge to out-stare me.


dog training app testimony

Very good mix of facts and funny. It has a bit of interactive, and it is paced by day. Best part is that there is no subscription. You like-pay for app once. You are just checking it out, no ads, no pay, one lesson a day. Want more? Watch an ad. I'm really impressed and thankful. Many people live animals, but few have resources to feed them AND pay for training.


dog training app testimony

My sister just bought a dog. Perfect and easy to use to learn how to raise it right!


dog training app testimony

Awesome app! So much information about dog behavior and training. Don't be fooled by the price tag (it's free!) This app is full of valuable information.


dog training app testimony

Great app! I just got a new pup and this app has been very helpful to learn a lot of things. Definitely recommend this app👍🏼


dog training app testimony

Liked the app is low sized, Great and helpful app for training your dog easy to use, works like a charm, like the UI. Recommended.


dog training app testimony

I love this app! Already teaching me so much in easy- to-follow chunks, with video examples. And best of all, it's free! A must have for any puppy owner.



Pocket Puppy School was designed to be as simple as possible, so that everybody could use the app with ease, no matter their age or nationality.

Learn tricks

Lots of tricks to learn like sit, down, come, etc. Every trick has easy to follow videos, which you can follow.


The app provides lots of dog training information about problems like barking, potty problems and more.


We have provided links to puppy related products, just in case you need something - you won't need to worry about where to find them.

puppy training lessons

Day by day

All of the dog training information is organized into daily, bite-sized topics.

Easy Reading

Keeping focus is mady easy by using lots of pictures, videos and different styles of texts.


Earn stars and levels as you progress. They help you stay motivated through your long training journey.

dog lovers community

Share your progress

You can login with your Google or Apple account and post pictures about your lovely dog.

Post pictures

Post pictures to share your dog training progress.

Get likes

Give and receive likes by posting and liking others' posts.

Community posts

Look at others going through the same things you are. Learn from others along the way.

Post comments

Share helpful tips and tricks by commenting them on others' posts.

Plan your journey

Use our Calendar to keep track of things that have happened and write down future events so you don't miss them.

Schedule events

Write down as many events as you want, how you want.

Customize the style

Choose your favourite color and your favourite icon to distinguish events.

Get notified

You can get notified when events happen, or earlier - if you want a heads up.

Configure repetitions

You can also make the events repeat, which will prevent you from having to write things like "Doctor's appointment" again and again.

dog training diary
dog trainer chat

Chat with a professional dog trainer.

It is very common for people to have questions regarding their dog.

That is why we also have a place where, if you need it, you can chat with a professional dog trainer.


Change doesn't happen overnight. That is why you can chat with the dog trainer for a whole month.

The trainer can give you information on what you can do daily to start moving in the right direction.

Upload videos

By sending videos of your dog in action to the dog trainer, the trainer is able to see exactly why certain problems are caused.

Videos help you to notice some things too, which you might have not even thought about.

Puppy profile

Write down some details that are hard to remember, such as your puppy's birth information, food brands or medical information.


Choose a profile picture for your puppy for in-app usage.

Multiple dogs

You can put all of your pets's information here, if you'd like!


Puppy profile show you exactly how far you've come on your puppy training journey!

Upgrade to PRO

To unlock all of the app's bonus features, you can get the lifetime pass to PRO. It's a one-time purchase, no monthly subscriptions here!

dog training app puppy profile


Pocket Puppy School earns money mainly through ads, which aren't obstructive or annoying. You can go through the entire course without paying for anything.

But if you want, you can support us by getting the PRO version, which gives you access to the full Puppy School experience.



  • Access to all topics
  • Current month's calendar
  • Post to Community page
  • No ads
  • Certifications
  • Puppy Profile
  • Trainer chat


~€9.99 / only once

  • Access to all topics
  • Full access to the Calendar
  • Post and comment on the Community page
  • No ads
  • Certifications from our trainer
  • Puppy Profile
  • Trainer chat


We have tried to make this app EASY TO USE for people of all ages and countries.

PS: Remember to turn on subtitles!
Try out Pocket Puppy School today, it's 100% free information!
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