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Write to me if you have any problems with your dog.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

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Erki Hindo, 30

Tallinn, Estonia
Dog trainer & owner of PPS
Languages: English, Estonian

- Focusing on creating healthy daily routines -

My approach to dog training has always been to advise owners how to understand their dogs and to give owners simple guidelines on what to do.

Because at the end of the day, even if I'm highly certified, it's nearly not as important as the owner's skills.

Services in Estonia

Individual training
Personal consultation and dog training at your house, at your given time.
50€ per session

Individual training x 5 (+ gift)
Booking 5 training-hours in advance will include a free personalised gift worth ~30€.

Extra: Outside Tallinn
If you live outside of Tallinn, then there will be an extra cost for transportation.
+ 5€ - 20€

How does it look like?

All trainings are personalized based on the owner's preferences. This is how I've trained with dogs in the past:

Write an email to

Describe your dog, where you live and about the things that you'd like to teach your dog.

We'll schedule a time that works for you and me. Typically, it's either after work-hours or during the weekends.

I'll travel to your home and I'll personally help you train your dog.

The sessions typically lasts around 75 minutes. For the first session, the main goal will be to create a personalized plan.

For the next sessions, we will go over your and your dog's skills one by one.

The main goal of the training sessions is to make these really difficult topics really easily understandable for you.

After each session, you will have a list of items to work on during the next week(s).

Changing a dog's personality and temperament is something that happens slowly, piece by piece.

Typically, owners prefer to apply the techniques and ideas for at least 1 week, before taking another session.

You can book with me as many training sessions as you'd like.

My goal isn't to drain your wallets. My goal is to give you the direct answers you need.

At any point in time, if you feel like you have learned enough, then you can stop training with me.

But practice has shown that people who take at least 5 sessions reduce their problems by over half.

If you do wish to train with me, just email me and we'll plan the next session!